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When traveling down the road of the home buying or refinancing process, the settlement will be your final destination. Armour Settlement Services’s role with settlement can be separated into two primary functions.

One of those functions is to provide title insurance guaranteeing clear and marketable title to the purchaser and lender involved in the transaction. In order for Armour Settlement Services to insure the title, a thorough title examination must be completed on the subject property verifying that there are no outstanding liens and encumbrances against prior owners that would affect clear title. We will also check the legal sufficiency of the prior deeds and other supporting documents. It is the duty of Armour Settlement Services to report all applicable restrictive covenants, easements, and rights of ways. Upon completion of settlement, it is vital that the new deed and any additional documents be appropriately recorded in the land records of the property jurisdiction.

The other function of Armour Settlement Services involves its fiduciary responsibilities to all parties involved in the transaction. This includes our conducting the final settlement, receipt of all funds required, and making final disbursements accordingly.

Throughout the settlement process, Armour Settlement Services’s many experts are available to assist you and answer questions that may arise. We look forward to working with you on your next real estate purchase, sale, refinance and/or home equity loan.

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